April salon

The April meeting of the Fem Dom salon was held as usual on the 3rd Sunday from 4 to 7 p.m. at a private location in Oakland.

Several new attendees showed up to discuss marketing especially in the light of f o s t a . that legislation has me so sour on our country. I am obsessed with moving somewhere that will honour my rights to do as I wish. One that will consider trafficking in all labour areas and not single out pro doms, escorts and the like simply because of the sexy subject-matter .

If you follow the money trail you will see this is all about advertising dollars that went to places like backpage instead of “the phone book” or yp.com. That’s where the escorts used to advertise and the big guys want that back

People like Kamala Harris ( a major backer of the legislation) also like pointing towards laws  that makes them look like some sort of great Savior. I am not a martyr and I am certainly not a saint and I definitely do not need saving.

An now the only big site still advertising escorts is acting like a martyr and giving the worst customer service ever. I complained about they’re nitpicking 3 days in a row on my copy and spoke to somebody who calls themselves missy, and her answer was to cancel my ad the next day no questions asked. So if you’re reading this I’m asking you to boycott eros.com and go to maturesensual.com or lovings.com.

There was another site called switter..at and it to got shut down. It is starting to feel like we live in an oppressive regime that wants to stifle all freedom. Oh wait We Do America!

Fortunately I got my website done before all this s*** went down. It is of course hosted offshore and I am using a.com for now but have several other URL ready to go if anybody tries to mess with

Other ways we are going to get creative is to band together as professionals. Being a Dom involves a lot of theatrics and yes acting on the part of the Professional. It does become pleasurable at times but keep in mind it really involves sex. But these grey ladies are having the same problem as all of the rest of the sex workers. They need to just leave us alone! But they really want us back toiling in the factories… my conspiracy theory on the prohibition of pleasure in Amerika

If you would like a session be sure to visit my new website and send me a message through my contact form . Stay perverted my friends!


#professional #dominatrix #Oakland #femdom




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