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The March meeting of the Fem Dom Salon Oakland was enjoyed by a small group of workers and supporters. And, it offered me a chance to meet two new Fem Doms. Always a treat. One was a professional from Fantasy Makers and the other a lifestyle dom entertaining the thought of going Pro.
As always we enjoyed caviar canapes and champagne and had amazing conversations. We also talked about the Stormy Daniels situation, prior to the 60 minutes interview. Would love to hear your thoughts on that now that it has aired. The one thing that stood out for me was her statement “I deserve this…”. Sounds like a sexual abuse survivor who is still in denial to me. Regardless of how she feels I am delighted at how much our President is squirming right now.
I will be holding off on my monthly meetup at Wicked Grounds, but may re-boot in May. I’ve been a little overwhelmed to say the least, and I’m preparing for a trip to Paris. I haven’t had a vacation in years, so I’m planning to do as little as possible outsde walking, biking and just hanging out in that great City. Suggestions for cafes and second hand stores? Please let me know!
The next meeting of the Fem Dom Salon will be Sunday Apr. 15th 4-7pm at a secret location in Oakland (my place). We will be discussing marketing tools and privacy and helping workers sign up for a new sex worker friendly social network. For those who are geeks it’s a Mastadon project using Git Hub. Sounds like a blockchain kind of thing where multiple servers are distributed in various locations. Makes it nearly impossible to take down. Just like cryptocurrency, another subject I’m fairly passionate about.
As always, topics for future discussions are welcome. I also love having featured guests, so if you have something to offer dominant female-leaning sex workers please let me know!
Blessed be my lovelies. Hope to see you in person soon!

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