December Mtg. at Black Thorn Dungeon

The December meeting of the Fem Dom Salon was held at the Black Thorn Dungeon in Oakland and was host to several amazing individuals who engaged in a professional photoshoot to commemorate the holidays.

The location presented quite a challenge due to lighting and other constraints (pun!) but the small team worked to create some amazing shots, some of which are below. Kitty Me-OW worked behind the scenes as well as on camera, where she is quite well known as a fetish model and adult performer in the Bay Area.

When not contemplating domination in that field, she runs the Little Boxes Theatre, a place many BDSM performers and practitioners have come to rely on and truly enjoy. I learned something fun and flirty about her, too. She calls her rear end Bam Bam! Perfect. Men name their dicks so why not. Wonder what I should name mine?

Another attendee of note was Bridger Fox, a Hollywood stunt fighter and budding erotic artist, who said she found inspiration from the Salon to explore BDSM and Fem Dom. It was amazing to hear those stories and learn of her quandary as to whether or not to use her given name in adult films. If it were 1997 I’d say hell no, but the world is fast changing in and outside tinsel town, and to own what you do as a living can be very empowering. Especially when it goes against the status quo and borders on revolutionary.

The next meeting will be held on January 21st from 4-7pm in Rodeo California, or perhaps aboard a small yacht on Emeryville Harbor. The focus will be financial domination techniques and strategies, with a lively debate on the ethics of the subject to undoubtedly occur among attendees. Would that be you? HMU if you’d like an invitation. Also – save the date! We will have a leader in the queer, poly, kink community. A male dancer, and he’ll be here to entertain you in February. You won’t want to miss it. His moves on and off the floor are also truly revolutionary!

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