Fem Dom Salon monthly meetup Oct. 2017

The Fem Dom Salon monthly meetup will be happening Sunday 10/15 in Oakland CA from 4-7pm. We’ll be watching a documentary and a favorite episode of Girls (HBO) “American Bitch”. For Fem Doms and their supporters or subs. Free/private. DM for invite and details. PS This is not* an S&M play party (For more see¬†FemDomSalon.com)¬†http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0210098/ […]

S&M Sally Screening August 2017

A gathering of Fem Doms, Femme Dommes and their supporters was held in August, with a viewing and discussion of the feature film S&M Sally the focus. The group was entertained by the film but some had a few concerns about consent and some of the portrayals. Overall, it opened up a good line of […]